Monday, May 10, 2010

What to do with stale leftover chocolate cake....Chocolate balls

Into food processor :
3 heaped cups choc cake crumbs (I used nigellas old fashioned cake recipe) – blitz to crumbs.

Time to add some liquidy binding agent to make the crums stick together :

2 tbls caramel syrup (I used davincis caramel syrup for coffee) or any flavoured liquer of your choice - Baileys or Amarula Cream would be good.
6 large blocks Cadbury's Milk Chocolate , 2 tbls margarine melted together in microwave (I used stork country spread)

Throw into crumbs, pulse a few times.Should be claggy and holding together now, if not add little more liquer/liquid .

Form into 1 inch balls with hands, place on wax wrap on a plate, and freeze 20 mins.

Just before 20 mins freezing is up, melt about 175g – 200g milk chocolate in microwave.

Remove the balls from the freezer, using a tsp, dip the balls in the choc, you kind of plop them in, roll them over and scoop them out.

Put onto wax paper and let set. Store in the fridge or a cool place, preferably out of line of sight :o)

Evil, evil, evil little chocolate balls.

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